We offer a complete line of shot blasting and shot peening equipment and media.

AM Surface Finishing Solution S1

As different as the printed products are the demands of our customers. With our new S1 machine we have an ans­wer for every task regarding surface finishing. The machi­ne can be integrated in an automated production line or be used as a stand-alone cell. In both cases we customize our solution to meet your individual requirements.

Drum Blasting / RMT Series

Rosler's Multi Tumble drum blasting machines offer significantly fewer wear parts, making them superior to conventional designs. The unique drum design provides high reliability, better overall performance, and lower operating costs.

RMBC Tumble Belt Batch Machine

Rosler’s RMBC Batch Tumble Belt machines provide optimum blasting results for a wide variety of mass-produced components from small, plastic parts to large, solid forgings. 

RDT - Rotary Table Machines

Rosler RDT machines are able to process components with different sizes, shapes and geometries, as well as delicate components.

RDT-S - Satellite Table Machines

Rosler RDT-S machines Rotary Table machines with individual rotating satellites which allow for maximum fixed part exposure to the blast stream.  Indexing load and unload provides the precise opportunity for additional automation.

Overhead Rail Machines / RHBE

Popularly known as the Spinner Hanger, Rosler's RHB Overhead Rail blasting units are recommended for treating complex, heavy or large parts, or sensitive components which cannot be tumbled in bulk loads.

SBM Continuous Loop Belt Machines

Rosler's SBM continuous flow shot blasting machines are ideally suited for treating small, high-volume bulk components. 

Gamma G Blast Turbine

Specifically designed for easy maintenance, the revolutionary Gamma® G turbine can be installed in a wide range of systems and is ideal for foundry and steel applications. 

Blasting Cabinets

Rosler's pressure and suction blasting cabinets are perfect for cleaning, deburring and providing decorative finishes to a wide range of small parts.

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