High Energy / Centrifugal Disc Machines

M1: Our machine for small batches and more

A compact and user-friendly machine, which perfectly fits in every production-facility right next to your printing de­vice! For small batches and individual printed items the M1 will persuade you with perfect surface results. Not only you but your customers as well will benefit from smooth and shiny surfaces instead of visible layers. If you are aiming to print small or tiny workpieces this machine works perfect for your post-processing.

Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machines

The Rosler FKS High Energy Centrifugal Disc technology was developed with one goal:  Providing the most efficient cycle times, lot to lot integrity with the maximum control of process parameters to ensure optimum surface requirements are met; batch after batch. 

FKS-E Series

E Series units are stand-alone processing units and can be equipped with manual screening attachments or independent vibratory screening machines. 

FKS-SM/SA Series

SM/SA Series units include a processing unit with a directly attached parts media separation unit. This design allows more efficient operation with less operator intervention as the media is returned to the working bowl after each batch without manual lifting.  

FKS-A2 Series

The Rosler "double batch" A2 Series units are fully automated with integrated hydraulic loader, intermediate vibratory hopper, screening machine, and media return unit.

This design optimizes run time by circulating two batches at one time.  This allows the finishing process of one batch to take place while the system separates the parts and media of the previous batch.  

Coin Processing

​Application specific, highly automated, high volume coin blank finsihing systems provide the complete process at the highest output rates and quality levels required in the industry.

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