We provide leading environmental technology to efficiently treat and reutilize process water solutions from cleaning, machining and finishing sources.  Recapture valuable resources and effectively dispose of the residual.

Closed Loop Evaporation

EVALED closed loop evaporation systems remove detergents, oils and other contaminants from your cleaning system wastewater.  Using vacuum technology, the process occurs at relatively low temperatures minimizing energy requirements. Process water is cleaned to the point of acceptability for reuse saving precious resource, discharge and capital.  Supported as a division of Veolia, EVALED offers world class and world connected support.

Water Recycling

Rosler as the world’s leading manufacturer of mass finishing products also produces the best system for recycling of your vibratory effluent.  The “Z” series of centrifugal sludge separators are offered in semi and fully automated versions.  Reducing suspended solids to a level effective for reuse in finishing systems, we also retain the majority of the finishing chemistry, greatly reducing the operating cost of the overall finishing processes.

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