Rotary Vibrators

Rosler rotary vibrators are the world's most widely used mass finishing system, and meet virtually any surface finishing requirement from gentle smoothing and high gloss polishing, to heavy-duty deburring and radiusing.  High Energy and Robust.

Tub Vibrators

Specifically developed to handle large, delicate parts up to 30 ft in length, Rosler offers three types of tub vibrators in approximately 100 different sizes to fit virtually any application and part size. 

Long Radius Bowls

Long radius vibratory finishers feature a longer working channel 3-4 times longer than standard rotary vibrators. They are ideal for continuous feed systems and processing small to mid-sized parts.

Linear Continuous Flow Vibrators

Rosler's powerful DA and DA/KP series of linear continuous flow vibrators are perfect for aggressively grinding, ball-burnishing, and deburring castings, forged parts, fineblankings and stampings. 

Multi-Channel Systems

Rosler's SE Series Multi-Channel Continuous Flow vibratory finishing machines feature a unique spiral-shaped processing channel. Offering the largest channel width in the industry combined with the ability to accomodate a high part input rate and external separation / media classification make this line of equipment extremely efficient.

Wheel Polishing

A high gloss industrial finish for used and new wheels!
Our specially designed wheel finishing system is up to 120 % faster compared to conventional polishing machines with dual vibratory motors.

Direct Drive System

With the counterbalance weights mounted directly to the motor shaft, Rosler's Direct Drive motors eliminate the need for belts and pulleys delivering a much more consistent process.

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