From finishing compounds to aqueous and safe solvent cleaners and inhibitors we offer a complete chemistry solution backed by one of the most sophisticated labs in our industry.

NGL Chemistries

Effective chemistries designed with the health and safety of end users and the environment in mind. NGL Group’s global presence and technical support allows us to give our customers a virtual chemist on staff. Swiss technology aqueous cleaners and corrosion inhibitors provide pinpoint solutions to precision cleaning requirements.

Ultrasonic cleaning, spray and passivation chemistries:  NGL’s Precision applications include medical device and implant, pharmaceutical, aero engine component and optics industry processes.

Kyzen Corp.

Kyzen Corp., supports our customers with safe hydrocarbon and modified alcohol solvents for precision vacuum ultrasonic cleaning applications.  Combined with Ecoclean’s airless cleaning equipment, robust closed loop processing provides an environmentally advanced and efficient productive solution. 

Hand Sanitizer E (7125)

Formulated to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) requirements, Hand Sanitizer E is an ethyl alcohol based sanitizer for hand hygiene use in areas where soap and water are not readily available.

This product is a liquid thin type sanitizer that may be dispensed with pump mist spray bottles or hand soap type dispensers.

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