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Vibratory finishing systems are best known for treating large volumes of mass produced parts. However, thanks to a variety of new, innovative equipment designs, they are increasingly utilized for finishing single work pieces with highly complex geometries.

An excellent example of this new equipment design is Rosler’s model R150/2 DL. A rotary vibrator without an inner dome, this unique finishing process allows for work pieces to be bolted to the vibratory processing bowl.

This tight connection ensures that the processing media reaches the smallest cavities in the work pieces without getting lodged, while simultaneously causing an intensive “rubbing” action between the media and work pieces, resulting in a highly effective metal removal rate.

The latest version of this machine type is equipped with two vibratory foot motors mounted to the outside of the processing bowl. This motor arrangement paired with other design details produces excellent surface finishes in very short cycle times.

Removing the inner dome makes this Rosler machine ideal for use with a variety of work pieces including automotive wheels, impellers, hydraulic pump housings, and other rotationally symmetrical components that can be found in drive trains and material handling equipment.

For larger or hard to handle work pieces this machine can also be equipped with a pneumatic lifting device, which greatly facilitates the work piece handling.

Rosler Metal Finishing offers five series of vibratory finishing equipment.

Not sure what you need or need something customized? Contact us to discuss your specific finishing needs.

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