Heavy mass loads, Precision clean, Modular and Table Top flexibility

Custom Ultrasonics

Particular industry specified requirements often require more than an off the shelf solution. Automated Indexing, Semi-Automated, Robotically assisted etc. designed for custom cleaning applications.

Offering 20 kHz magnetostrictive Lewis Ultrasonics for heavy mass load applications.

Lewis Nearfield In-Line

Lewis ultrasonic in-line continuous flow cleaning system designed for high throughput and critical clean applications. Superior at removing difficult contaminants in a short cycle time with the Nearfield technology-intense scrubbing action caused by the imploding cavitation bubbles. 

Magnetostrictive Transducers

The heart of every Lewis machine, our magnetostrictive transducers are designed for heavy duty, continuous operation. They can run hot or cold and withstand tremendous shock. 

Bench Top

Novatec modular ultrasonic cleaning units.

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