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...with you to the finish !


Over twenty years of growth and partnered with the world’s most advanced manufacturers, we offer our commitment to develop and implement superior engineered finishing and cleaning solutions to your manufacturing needs. At International Finishing Corp., we truly are ...with you to the finish ! 

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Novatec is synonymous with world class innovation and workmanship providing high quality precision automated single chamber and inline cleaning and passivation systems.  Aqueous vacuum cleaning technology puts Novatec on top as the leader in cleaning blind / tapped holes, porous coated, complex additive surfaces, endoscopic and advanced cannulated geometries.  Custom and standardized systems all rooted in the concept of modularity provide robust and accessible process control.


With Rösler, the experience and quality of the world's largest manufacturer of surface finishing products is at your service. We supply engineered ceramic and plastic media for vibratory finishing and high energy tumbling processes. We supply finishing compound solutions for cleaning, polishing, descaling and rust inhibiting including closed loop wastewater treatment solutions. Our process development expertise ensures the most efficient solution.


Dry Lyte technology from GPA Innova is the first non-abrasive final finishing process able to produce an exceptionally smooth polished surface.  Being non-abrasive; features, forms and tolerances are maintained. Available in a wide range of capacities, we offer process development services to engineer a solution to your finishing requirements.


Ransohoff’s extensive history of manufacturing the highest quality conveyorized, indexing, drum and modular spray washing systems provides a solid foundation to complete cleaning solutions for your high volume and heavy production applications. Robust innovation and process development are keys to our mutual success. 


Ecoclean provides precise global solutions to oil, coolant and chips removal from intricately machined or formed components.  Safe solvent cleaning is especially effective in Ecoclean's state-of-the-art vacuum cleaning and vapor rinsing systems. Ecoclean provides environmentally efficient solutions to hydrocarbon and manufacturing debris removal requirements.


NGL Group’s global presence and technical support allows us to give our customers a virtual chemist on staff. Swiss technology aqueous cleaners and corrosion inhibitors provide pinpoint solutions to precision cleaning requirements - backed by one of the most sophisticated test labs in our industry.


EVALED offers unique closed loop evaporation solutions. Supported by Veolia’s intercontinental presence, vacuum technology removes detergents and oils recovering process water for reuse.


Our partnership with Microfinish offers complete process capability as a contracted outsource service center. Medical implant and device polishing, flight critical aerospace component finishing, production deburring, mirror polishing, laser engraving... 

Microfinish, ISO9001: 2015 and AS9100D certified services a wide range of medical, aerospace, automotive and consumer product mfg concerns.

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