The Case for Superior Blast Wheel / Turbine Efficiency

Your blast wheel is the “business end” of you shot blast machine. It is the main component which delivers the blast media and performs the blast cleaning or peening process. Its performance is vital! Not only is the blast wheel vital, it is probably the more expensive single item on the machine in terms of performance, productivity, time, maintenance, repair and wear part costs.

Focusing on your future / Gamma G Blast Turbine

With this turbine the Rösler engineering team has set a new, significant milestone in the continuous technical improvement of blast turbines. The Gamma G is by far the most maintenance-friendly turbine in the market. It can not only be installed in a wide range of new shot blast equipment but can also be easily retrofitted into existing blast machines.

Our support maintenance engineers report on the fact that on most visits to all makes and process types of blast machines, they find that the blast wheel(s) are underperforming and their set up is under-optimised.

A smooth abrasive transfer from the impellor through the aperture of the control cage on to the end of the vane or blade, enables the use of more of the available energy. The effortless flow avoids unnecessary impingement of the vanes or blades and ensures an ideal delivery as a long or wide blast pattern. This thoughtfully considered design provides an additional advantage by allowing the blast media to flow with significantly less breakage of the media itself, providing less consumption.

The blade is designed and shaped to facilitate all the abrasive to leave the vane at tip speed rather than a more scattered approach, delivered as one would in a game of tennis! The curvature of the “Y” or “C” throwing vane or blade increases the blast media delivery speed.

In most cases the Gamma G Turbine can be retro fitted onto your existing blast machine.

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