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With the revolutionary Gamma G turbine, Rosler has set a new milestone in continual turbine development. It is the most maintenance-friendly turbine in the world, it can be easily installed or retrofitted into a great range of systems, and has a unique price-performance ratio.

Featuring Y-shaped throwing blades made of forged tool steel for high durability. Since both sides of the throwing blades can be utilized, the cost for wear parts can be drastically reduced. Depending on the abrasive used, throwing blades can be used up to three times longer.

Useful in a wide variety of shot blasting machines, no other comparable turbines are available on the market. Regardless of the industry – from foundries and ship building to steel fabrication and beyond – the Gamma G turbine increases uptime and drastically reduces maintenance time.

In addition to total cost of ownership and reduced downtime benefits, the Gamma G series from Rosler packs a punch. Gamma G blades produce extremely high projection speed through calculated curvature angles producing more precise abrasive projection and improving energy efficiency up to 15 percent. However, in applications where extra impact energy is not desired/required, this energy can instead be converted to a higher abrasive throughput through the use of a variable-frequency drive, thereby leading to reduced part processing times in comparison to traditional straight blade designs.

The twin disk design allows for quick and easy removal as well as simple direction reversal of the turbine wheel.

Once blades have reached their maximum use, the turbine cover allows for easy blade replacement. Compared to competitive technology, Rosler’s Gamma G requires considerably less maintenance time. In fact, the blades in a 6-blade Gamma G 400 unit can be changed out in just 7 minutes.

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